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Project Overview

The Department of Industry needed a digitalised version of their annual Industry Monitor Report that allowed users to easily understand and navigate through the data sets they are most interested in. The report is a hefty 51 pages long, so EB Pearls was posed with the challenge of condensing this content to a responsive web form, without losing its comprehensiveness.

Project Achievements

This project also had to cater for various users. First and foremost, this data was to be available to the public, which meant that the user interface had to be intuitive and visually appealing. Additionally, the data in this report would have to be used extensively for presentational purposes. As a result, a method for exporting the data had to be devised.

Content hierarchy: To organise such a large collection of data, EB Pearls devised a hierarchy for the data and information. This means users could logically and conveniently navigate the website for the information that they needed.

HighCharts: To create an enjoyable user experience, EB Pearls used HighCharts, the javascript API, to present the data. This allowed the website to be highly interactive and incredibly easy to use.

Stunning UX/UI Design: As part of visual appeal, EB Pearls created a way to present the data in such a way that was professional, whilst still maintaining an interesting and dynamic look.

Exporting for Presentations: Data could be very easily exported from the report for use in presentational settings, such as, businesses, governments and schools.

Unmatched optimisation: On the development side, EB Pearls was able to create a product of the highest of quality. Using the best practices, Austrade’s web application was written with highly optimised code and speed optimisation, ensuring the large amounts of data does not impede on user experience.

Project success

EB Pearls provided a fully-responsive website to present the website, again, creating excellent user experience across all devices.

The Industry Monitor Report transformed from a static and arduously long paper, into an interactive and convenient digital product, effectively engaging users across the board. As a result, visitors were able to discover which industries are contributing most to Australia’s prosperity in the global market.

What our clients say


We were very happy with all of the work undertaken during each phase of our new website production. All EB Pearls personnel were knowledgeable, approachable and helpful – we were also most impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness they demonstrated throughout the process.

Coral Funnell

Marketing Manager, Rotech

I am stoked to recommend EBPearls from my experience in dealing with them on a number of mobile application projects. It can be a little daunting engaging a Development Company, from a financial perspective and from the practicality of turning an idea into reality, but Akash and the team proved that they were able to work in with my budget and help me realise the ideas stuck inside my brain. I love their ability to solve problems, communicate well, and will definitely entrust them with some future projects in the pipeline.

Jesse Milani

Founder, Pocket Fuel

EB Pearls created us a unique and special website, perfect for our customers. We loved team’s efficiency in creating us a seamless website design plan, with beautiful on brand illustrations. The team were patient, professional and always there to guide us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and work with them again in the future.

Julia Kish

CEO, Intellihub

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