Our role in the project

User experience

  • Research
  • UI/UX Audit
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy


  • Rapid prototyping
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website design
  • Wordpress theme development


  • Wordpress theme development

Post Deployment

  • Product strategy
  • User testing
  • Technical SEO
  • Website maintenance
  • Analytics and measurement

Technology Used

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WP Engine

Project Overview

The website for 3 Wise Monkeys was outdated and wasn’t attractive to their client base. Therefore, the 3 Wise Monkeys wanted to update the website and appeal to not only younger audiences but also to the corporate audiences who bring different events to the bar.

Recreating the website was done with the aim of captivating visitors who were looking to visit 3 Wise Monkeys, and communicating the relaxed, laid back, and easy-going atmosphere. The Website now highlights the bars features such as the cocktail lounges, mezzanine bars, and the delicious selection of classic and modern cocktails. EB Pearls came up with a design that was easy to navigate and focused on the services that the 3 Wise Monkeys provides. Interactive pictures and designs were used to show off the experiences that customers can enjoy at 3 Wise Monkeys.

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To begin the process of the website’s development, we had a project workshop. We used this to understand the needs of the client and planned accordingly. The website required a lot of changes and a number of issues had to be fixed. Throughout the development process, several reviews were done and issues were fixed by identifying mismatched expectations early.


Design Sprint

Design Sprint

The design sprint outlined a list of tasks to complete, the order of completion, and the completion deadlines. The fixed deadlines created a time pressure among the team to get things done efficiently. Wireframing was done in 3 rounds. Once these rounds were approved we started the design phase which was also completed in 3 rounds.



Internal Testing

Internal Testing

To obtain feedback and get better results, internal testing was done. After the testing, our most important focus was users easily navigating through the website to reach the desired screen, as well as the uniformity in the screens.

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Development Planning

Development Sprint

Development Sprint

Once the website layout and its objectives had been explained to our development team, they were able to break down the project into smaller tasks. These tasks were worked on in two-week cycles. These cycles allowed the team to keep on top of all the tasks and ensure that they were completed within the required time.


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Unique Features

  • Vibrant Design: Our proficient team of designers worked together with the client to revive the 3 wise monkey’s website in a way that would bring it up to standard with modern design and appeal to a wider audience.
  • Reusable Framework: The templates produced were designed in a way that allows it to be flexible for the three different brands under the Brickfields Hospitality Group which includes 3 wise monkeys, New Brickfields Hospitality, and Cheers Bar website.
  • Easy to Navigate: You can easily click on the option that you are interested in such as the Menu, Events, Functions, Careers, Enquiry, and so on. Additionally, you will be captivated by the stunning pictures while choosing these options from the Home page.
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We developed the website by removing all the unnecessary text content and replacing them with captivating pictures. The idea was to make the website seem more like a gallery. With our skilled designers, we effectively created a refreshing digital brand presence. Overall, the redesign complemented the high standard of 3 Wise Monkeys.


Next steps

Next steps

After the website is developed, we regularly communicate with the clients and we are always available for future maintenance and are committed to ongoing support. We are monitoring the features that have been released, ensuring that they are working correctly.